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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  April 23, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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. fox 5 is all over three big stories. new details about the drive-by shooting in the district. court documents revealing key pieces of evidence in the invin showers and a few storms headed in our direction. the storm force is tracking the weekend trouble. the caps craze getting hot. the team on the verge of clinching a first round playoff win. montreal was not going down easy. we'll begin tonight with the deadly shooting in the district. good evening. i'm brian bolter. i'm shawn yancy. court papers reveal how they carried the attack. roz plater starts us out in the newsroom. >> reporter: we have startling new information about why one of those victims may have been gunned down that night. court documents obtained by fox 5 show he may not have been a random victim at all but may have been targeted in a
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robbery. the latest two suspects stood before a judge late this afternoon. 22-year-old robert boss seen in the white shirt is already on parole in d.c. and prince george's county for drug and gun violations. he is also one ever the alleged trigger men. 22-year-old lamar williams is wearing a gray top. he supplied guns, ammunition and gloves. the court documents painted a disturbing picture of how it went down. march 23, one day aft murder of jordan howe over a supposed stolen bracelet, orlando carter who allegedly fired the ak-47 in that shooting was himself shot in the head and shoulder. his injuries were minor and he was released from the hospital. within days the affidavit says he and others began planning their revenge and attacked -- [ indiscernible ] they rented a van but missed the actual
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funeral. carter decided to rob a teen he knew had a gun. the documents allege boss and a fifth suspect shot and killed 17-year-old tevon nelson outside his apartment complex and carter was angry they had not taken the gun out of nelson's hand. from there the four suspects piled back into the minivan, rolled down to south capitol street where they noted a group of people. some were wearing memorial t- shirts with howe's name and picture. the van made a u-turn. they pulled down their ninja masks, came back opening fire on the crowd killing three people. you remember a 14-year-old juvenile was originally charged as the getaway driver in that shooting but yesterday citing new fingerprint evidence, police said the charges against that 14-year-old had been dropped. police also issued an arrest warrant for the fifth suspect. we'll have more on what prosecutors say his role was coming up on the news edge at 11:00.
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caught on camera, a suspect swiping valuables from unlocked gym lockers. police need your help tracking down this guy. he's accused of hitting gyms across northern virginia while people are woking out -- working out. he's stolen credit cards, wallets, keys. police want you to give them a call if i have any information. we're getting a first look at the evidence prosecutors hope would send a man arrested for being naked in his home to jail. one key piece proving to be the crucial clue that swayed the jury to find he was not guilty. tonight he has a message for you. fox 5's jennifer davis sat down with him today. >> reporter: eric williams says he should never have been arrested at gunpoint inside his own home for being naked in his kitchen. a jury agreed and found him not guilty of indecent exposure. he wants people to realize how easy it is to be charged with a crime like this and how difficult it is to rebuild your life, even after a jury says you've done nothing wrong.
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eric williamsson says these are the photos that convinced the jury he was telling the truth and had no idea two women saw him drinking coffee naked if his kitchen back in october. >> it's great to be not guilty but i still have a lot of records to deal with, a lot of things that were torn apart because of what happened. >> reporter: one of those women was taking a shortcut through his yard when she said she made eye contact with itself 29-year- old as he -- the 29-year-old as he stood naked inside his door. her vantage point was about 25 feet away but the defense says they proved she was actually about 83 feet from the door. >> jury was able to see it was impossible to make the eye contact that she alleged she made with this fellow. it was believable mr. williamson didn't know she was there. >> reporter: he said he's been laid off, lost visitation rights with his young daughter and racked up $15,000 in legal bills. >> but i'm left with a lot of things to fix. >> reporter: the commercial diver and his lawyer says this case shows you're not always
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safe inside your own home. they want to draw attention -- [ indiscernible ] young says in this case police testified a broken window pane in his door gave them cause to enter but they shay nothing was broken -- they say nothing was broken. >> this can happen to anybody for any reason. if the police want to enter your house, it's almost as if the end justifies the means. >> reporter: williamson says now he wants the police's use of this doctrine to be police. >> they can't make an excuse to come into someone's house. i don't understand how this can go without alarming quite a few people. >> reporter: i did speak with a spokesman from the fairfax county police department. he told me officers were at with himson's house that day because -- williamson's house that day because of two citizens' complaints. now that the case has been
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adjudicated, as far as the police are concerned, it's over. the fox 5 storm force is tracking some trouble for the weekend. let's take a live look outside right now tonight. a nice, beautiful night after a beautiful day. but hold on. it's all about to change. fox 5's gary mcgrady is here now with all the details. i'm glad you get to give the details. >> just in time for the weekend. we're kind of going downhill here. let's start with trueview. there is a lot and i mean a lot of thunderstorm activity down through the deep south. new thunderstorms, new severe weather popping up in east texas tonight south of dallas and north of houston. it's a lot of moisture that's coming our way, most of what you're seeing here will slide by to the south of us, okay. but this is the same system that's going to come in here. looks like for tomorrow night and into sunday morning is when we're going to get most of this rain out of this particular storm system that's headed our way. tonight we're watching a little bit of shower activity back out
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to the west. but this is a three-hour loop. and if you watch, a lot of this has been dissipating as it gets a little closer to us. one thing that will definitely happen tonight, we'll have an increase in clouds. we may get a spotty shower or two overnight but not much. most of this rain comes tomorrow afternoon into sunday morning. we'll have the forecast for you coming up. i'll let you know when is the best likelihood that this rain is going to start around here for tomorrow. and then, well, how long it's going to stick around. it looks like we're going to be quite an unsettled period here, shawn. so i'll be upstairs with the full forecast in just a bit. >> looks like it's a good weekend for the inside honey do list. >> it will be much cooler tomorrow, too, so you'll want to be indoors. >> thank you. you can check the changes in the weekend forecast on click on the weather tab for our live doppler radar. to a developing story that has the caps fans rocking the red. the caps had at chance tonight to move on to the second round ever the nhl playoffs. could they do it? sports director dave feldman
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had a birth's eye view for this one. he's live at the verizon center tonight. >> reporter: that's right. they entered this game with a 3- 1 series win. if they win, series over. last year they needed seven games in the first round. this year they didn't want that. there was no way they wanted to go back to montreal. they wanted to finish it tonight on home ice but it didn't work out that way. mike with a quick shot. it's 1-0 montreal on top. the canadiens weren't done. still in the 1st, to travis mullen. his first of the playoffs. 2-1 and the visitors are fired up. four minutes into the second. caps attacking. mike knuble on the doorstep. canadiens up 2-1 after 2. in the 3rd period, the caps had their chances, specifically on the power play. great looks by alexander semin
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from point blank range. both stopped. now final ten seconds, caps still down 2-1. montreal is on a power play. so it's five on five hockey. a great save again. the caps fall 2-1. the series is now 3-2 washington. there will be a game six monday in montreal. after the game, a very disappointed captain alex ovechkin. >> again, we want to win the game [ inaudible ] >> reporter: so the team seemed a little flat tonight. and ov's frustration i think sort of related to that. there will be a game six once again monday back in montreal where the caps will once again try to eliminate the montreal canadiens. brian, let's go back to you. it didn't work out the way the
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caps fans wanted but they're still in good shape up 3-2. the redskins draft pick, our lindsay murphy talked one on one with trent williams. that's coming up at half past the hour. if you're riding metro this weekend, be patient. get ready for more delays because of track work. crews will be replacing some old components and that means trains will have to share tracks on the red, blue and orange lines. here's the time frame. the work started tonight and runs until sunday. metro says you should add an extra 40 minutes to your trip. that's not the only thing causing traffic trouble out there. the world bank and imf meetings are in town this weekend. some streets are closed in downtown d.c. and will remain closed until 5:00 p.m. sunday. there is also no parking on many of those streets. ddot posted signs to let drivers know about the changes. a local family outraged. their 11-year-old autistic son left behind on the school bus. trapped for hours in a parking lot miles from class. find out what the school has to say about it tonight.
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also ahead, new clues coming in about who may have killed the beloved d.c. principal. why police think they're making progress. an immigration battle brewing. one of the toughest crackdowns in recent history signed today. (announcer)  we're in the energy business.
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a little boy with special needs abandoned on a school bus for hours. his mother says she didn't find out about it until days later because her son has autism and couldn't tell her what happened. fox 5's bob barnard has more on the fallout in charles county. >> reporter: the 11-year-old boy attends classes for special feeds students here at -- needs students here in white plains. delonte smith is his name. he takes a school bus from his home in waldorf every morning but didn't get off his bus when it arrived on campus around 8:00 last friday morning. school officials tell us the bus with a driver and attendant on board went back to the yard some 20 miles away. he wasn't discovered until other drivers noticed him on the bus. we spoke to the boy's mother
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october by telephone late today. >> i wish i could talk to the bus driver, ask what happened. i don't -- because he sits next to the bus attendant and it's a small bus. >> reporter: the school bus in question is operated by edwin keller bus services, one of a number of private companies that contract with the charles county school system. >> the child was on the bus for about two and a half hours. our procedure is that bus drivers check their buses before they leave them, you know, when they finish a route or they arrive at the bus lot. we believe they may not have done what they were supposed to do and the child was in fact left on the bus. >> reporter: the woman who answered the phone at keller's office here in maryland told me they had no comment. >> what's been taken in this particular instance is that particular bus driver and the attendant that was on the bus will no longer be driving or attending on buses that transport charles county public school students. >> especially since he has
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autism, they should pay close attention with what's going on them. it's not just any other student on the bus. if there is a student with special needs, they should be taken care of. >> reporter: delonte's mother said she only found out about what happened was this week. >> she has been wheezing and having asthma attacks basically every night since then. i asked him about it yesterday. he just got very angry. he just was like, it was hot. he said he was trapped. >> reporter: his mother says he suffers from asthma and may have fallen asleep on the bus. but she says it does not excuse what happened. in the newsroom, i'm bob barnard, fox 5 news. new tonight a d.c. family is still looking for justice three years after their daughter was killed. six-year-old kristin spencer was killed in a hit-and-run in northeast three years ago today. tonight her family and friends held a vigil in her honor. if you know anything about the
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hit and run that took her life, d.c. police want to hear from you. investigators are searching for the killer of a school principal murdered in his home in silver spring. montgomery county police are looking for witnesses who may have spotted a mystery car parked in the alley next to principal brian betts' home. fox 5's paul wagner has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: brian betts lived in a brick colonial immediately adjacent to an alley off georgia avenue. it runs behind a deli and gas station. police know for certain that the d.c. school principal was alive up until 11:30 wednesday night, april 14. 45 minutes later a suspicious car was seen in the alley. >> investigators believe it's more than just suspicion. investigate -- suspicious. they believe it could be related to his homicide. with this information they also believe there could be more than one suspect in his death. >> reporter: law enforcement sources say investigators have spent quite a bit of time in southeast d.c. following leads. betts car was found in an alley
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off 4th street southeast two days after his body was found. a witness told police he saw two men leaving the vehicle between noon and 3:00 friday the 16th. but police have declined to put out a description of the men. >> investigators are looking for assistance. if anyone has if i information about this vehicle that was seen in the alley at about 12:15 thursday morning, we need to hear from you. >> reporter: brian betts was last seen by neighbors grilling in his backyard. the next day he was found dead in his bedroom. he'd been shot at least once. police say items of value were e home, but police won't say what those items were. brian betts was noun as a super star in -- was known as a super star in the d.c. school system, a man who turned around a troubled school just two years after taking the job. students loved him so much eighth graders asked to stay another year instead of going on to high school. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> brian betts was laid to rest
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yesterday in manassas after a private family ceremony. a public memorial is planned for next saturday. the music world is waiting for word on poison man bret michaels. he was rushed to the hospital after suffering a massive brain hemorrhage yesterday. the 47-year-old rocker seen here during a fox interview had apparently been complaining about an excruciating headache. he was also recently rushed to the hospital for an appendectomy and suffers from diabetes. sarah palin takes the stand. what she thinks should happen to the man police say hacked into her personal e-mail account. new details about a plot to bomb the new york city subway. who the main suspect says was really issuing the orders. take a look at this. man's best friend being called a hero tonight. wait until you see where he's leading this police officer. 
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tonight a major battle is under way over the issue of immigration enforcement after the governor of arizona sign
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add controversial new law. police in arizona are now required to question people about their immigration status, it's a move the president himself came out strongly against. >> reporter: governor jan brewer of arizona ignored that criticism from the. and signed the bill into law which will take the handcuffs off police in dealing with illegal immigration. but the move has touched off a firestorm of protest in arizona which only seems to be beginning. outside arizona state capitol, protesters calling arizona's new illegal immigration law an open door to civil rights abuses. governor jan brewer signed the law making it a crime in arizona to be in the country illegally. it requires police to question people about their immigration status and bans businesses from hiring or transporting illegal immigrants. >> we cannot stand idly by as drop houses, kidnappings and
10:25 pm
violence compromise our quality of life. >> reporter: president obama blasted the arizona law friday calling it misguided and ordering the justice department to see if it is legal. >> surely we can all agree that when 11 million people in our country are living here illegally outside the system, that's unacceptable. the american people demand and deserve a solution. >> reporter: supporters say the solution has been asked for repeatedly by border states with nothing being done. james of the heritage foundation says arizona acted because washington did not good this is about state governments looking after the citizens of their state, and when it's in their interest and their abilities to do so in a legal, lawful appropriate manner. >> reporter: but one man says the arizona law is nothing more than racial profiling sending a chilling message to legal immigrants as well. >> it sends out a huge message they're not welcome in the state of arizona.
10:26 pm
it doesn't matter what you contribute to the state. if you're an immigrant, you're going to be under suspicion. >> reporter: with arizona's law now on the books, the next move could come from washington. the federal government possibly taking arizona to court to do away with the law. now this law is also having repercussions across the border. mexico says this will affect cross border cooperation on issues concerning law enforcement. mexico senate already passed a resolution calling on the governor not to sign the bill. as we know she went and did that and tonight in arizona this new law is a law -- [ indiscernible ] a guilty plea from the man planning to bomb new york city subways. he was charged with conspiracy to use weapons with mass destruction. he admitted to receiving orderers from al qaeda. his associate already pleaded guilty. authorities say the attacks were planned for the eighth anniversary of 9/11. the redskins introducing
10:27 pm
their first round draft pick today. fox 5 was there. plus busted. dozens of government workers charged with overseeing the financial system. in trouble for checking out porn at work. the coast guard tonight calling off the search for missing oil rig workers after a deadly explosion. tonight we know what saved dozens of life. we're on panda watch. find out what vets are looking for in the next 24 hours. ♪
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washington redskins are revamping their offensive line. draft pick trent williams is the first piece of the puzzle. today he was introduced to the redskins nation. fox 5's lindsay murphy is here with more on the skins' pick. >> it's day two of the n.f.l. draft. so far the skins have done nothing out of the ordinary. rumors were flying they with trade albert haynesworth for a third round pick but mike shanahan said that is thought growing to happen. redskins' newest pick was introduced today in ashburn.
10:31 pm
>> with the fourth pick in the 2010 n.f.l. draft the washington redskins select trent silverback williams. >> reporter: meet the redskins new starting left tackle trent williams out of oklahoma. he's an all american who allowed just two quarterback sacks on his watch last season. for williams draft day is a day he will never forget. >> i feel like my body just went limp. as soon as the phone rang, i could hardly pick it up. i heard coach shanahan's voice and my heart dropped. i finally realized my dream was coming true. >> reporter: williams was a much needed addition to the skins' offensive line which was in disarray following a series of injuries last season. his new task? to protect the blind side of quarterback donovan mcnabb. >> i'll probably be awestruck for the first couple of hours when i get around him. >> reporter: first round picks are expected to play right away but with that challenge comes the first round of money. today williams told me how he'll spend his first check.
10:32 pm
>> i haven't decided. >> reporter: a car? house? >> a car, maybe a house. i have a dog. i want to run around the backyard. i have a family. i'll probably look at houses. it's beautiful out here. i'm looking forward to going home shopping. >> reporter: what kind of music pumps you up for a game? >> i listen to rap, you know. little wayne, those type of guys. >> reporter: the meal you have to eat before you take the field? >> the meal i have to eat? i have to have -- traditionally i always eat an omelet before the game, the morning of the game. if i don't have that i kind of feel like i'm bad luck for some reason. >> reporter: you grew up as a cowboys fan. are you going to give that up to be a redskin? >> most definitely. >> having a little fun with him. the redskins will have three picks tomorrow. in that late in the draft, it's more about picking the best
10:33 pm
available player. >> that was cool listening to the questions you asked. he said an omelet, howg? >> he seemed pretty shy. dehis press conference and then you get in -- he did his press conference and then you get in these one on one situations, they loosen up. >> a lot of good kids that were drafted really high. it was good to see. >> good addition for them. >> definitely. >> thanks, lindsay. u.s. senator dick durbin has been subpoenaed to testify at rod blagojevich's corruption trial. the former illinois governor is accused of trying to sell president obama's senate seat after the 2008 election. durbin says he talked to blagojevich on the phone that november about possible replacements. blagojevich's lawyers are also asking a federal judge to subpoena president obama. the corruption trial is set for june. the star witness testified today in a high profile hacking case. sarah palin took the stand in knoxville, tennessee. fox 5's jonathan seery has palin's creax to the crime that made her -- reaction to the crime that made her family's life public. >>it's not right.
10:34 pm
it's not legal. it's not fair or decent. >> reporter: former alaska governor sarah palin rails against the former college student accused of hacking into her e-mail. palin told the court that while campaignings a the republican vice presidential nominee, she found out her personal information had been stolen. >> access and communication is so extremely important when you're thousands of miles away from your children. it was a big deal to have that communication stripped away. >> reporter: prosecutors say david kernell, the son of a democratic tennessee lawmaker, broke into her account in september 2008 by correctly answering questions about her birth date, zip code and city where she met her husband. his lawyer calls the case a prank. >> i don't think an illegal action like this is a prank, not when you consider that how impacting it was on a presidential election. >> reporter: kernell could face up to 50 years in prison for identity theft, mail fraud and two other felony charges. palin told reporters she trusts the court to decide kernell's
10:35 pm
fate? >> it's up to the judge. >> reporter: palin's daughter bristol and a former aide both describe getting harassing and vulgar e-mails and texts as a direct result of the hacking. in atlanta, jonathan seery, fox news. the sec accused of being preoccupied as the financial crisis unfolded. the reason? according to a new inspector general memo, some sec employees were busy surfing porn using government computers instead of policing the american financial system. the memo says the most serious violators include senior level employees. the sec says it's already disciplined the offending staffers. coming up on the news edge at 11:00, the stunning amount of time investigators say the employees spent surfing porn at work. the search for survivors for an oil rig explosion is over. they believe the men never made it off the platform that erupted into a giant fireball.
10:36 pm
126 people were aboard the deep water horizon rig. workers who made it out alive say these high-tech boats helped save their lives. >> there's enough fuel to operate the boat at six knots which is about 7 miles an hour for 24 hours. there's an air spup ply which -- air supply which gives a positive pressure inside the boat so it doesn't let any smoke or gas come inside the boat. fortunately this type of equipment saved those people. >> the coast guard says it will resume the search if ships in that area see anything. a consumer alert. another car maker recalling tens of thousands of its vehicles. plus, parents of students listen up. we have the list of top earning college degrees. plus, you can call this dog a modern day lassie alerting police to a major emergency. you have to see how far he went to get some help. rnndeais
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let the panda pregnancy watch begin. vets are keeping a close eye on may jong. she was artificially inseminated in january. they gave birth to her only cub back in 2005. he's thousand in a breeding program -- now in a breeding program in china. a dog racing to get help for his owner. dash cam shows the german shepherd buddy waiting for an alaska state trooper and then leading the trooper back to the scene of a fire. his owner was hurt when a workshop. the trooper followed him all the way back into the woods. there's the seen there, the fire scene there. we're told that the dog's owner
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has minor burns. they awarded him a silver plated dog bowl for his heroism. you can watch the entire video on mean idol contestants booted from -- american idol contestanted booted from the show offering a helping hand. big changes coming for our weekend forecast. just a hint. it's going to be cooler. it's going to be wet. we'll give you all the details coming up in the forecast. gorgeous evening. stay with us. mcdonald's bacon and cheese angus third pounder.
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we have a consumer alert tonight for thowses of drivers -- thousands of drivers. ford is recalling 33,000 newer models suvs and mid-size cars. the recall affects some 2010 fusions, explorers, milans and
10:45 pm
mountain years. the recliner's gears could cause the seat back and head restraints to move in a crash increasing the chance of injury. call your dealership if you have questions. lots of questions for college students about to grade yacht in a couple of weeks -- graduates in a couple of weeks facing the toughest economy. >> reporter: those graduating this spring and landing a job will see average starting salary offers down 1.7% from last year. the average is under $48,000. that's according to the national association of colleges and employers spring salary survey. but that average salary doesn't apply to all types of graduates. it depends on career paths. those with liberal arts degrees are among the worst off. their average salaries have fallen 8.9% from last year.
10:46 pm
>> last year whether we did our student -- when we did our student survey, the lowest offer rate for any of the majors that we track was in journalism, graphic design and visual and performing arts were also very low paid and traditionally low paid. >> reporter: those better off? engineering graduates. they make up eight of the ten most highly paid. specifically petroleum engineers will see average offers of more than $86,000. >> computer science degrees have increased their salaries on a regular basis by 6%. >> reporter: another field with strong demand is health. >> nursing falls out of the top ten by just a little bit. average salary in the high 40s. it has relatively strong demand. one degree that we don't report on because it doesn't quite fit into the bachelor's category but is health related degree and gets paid very well is the pharmacy degree. >> reporter: in new york, brenda butner, fox news. teaching kids responsible
10:47 pm
spending before they head off to college. that is the goal of a program that kicked off at d.c.'s woodrow wilson high school today. it's called teach children to save. volunteers from area banks visit schools in d.c., maryland and virginia and teach students the basics of banking, credit and investment. >> one is to really help impart critical life skills and knowledge so that they have something to look forward to in the future, understand the basic concepts of money. but secondly it's really about inspiring the community. these volunteers are here to talk about their lives and careers. when they do that they help inspire the kids to hopefully reach for new heights. >> here are things you can do as parents to turn young spenders into savvy adult spenders. explain the difference between needs and wants, set up a chores chart, give your kids an allowance, take them to the bank to make deposits and lead by example by paying bills on time, being a conscious spender
10:48 pm
and active saver. we know the rain is coming. i guess the question is how much and when. >> we all want to know. >> most of it tomorrow night. and into early parts of sunday. you know, we'll have some dry periods for tomorrow and for sunday as well. but this looks like kind of a lengthy period of some showers and even some thunderstorms i think will rumble through here tomorrow night and early on sunday. very, very nice today. very, very nice this evening. we disoomed in a bit on the -- we zoomed in a bit on the cathedral. it's been nice. you know, it's almost a cliche. i hope you enjoyed today because things are going to change. and it really is a matter of fact, too, because it will. unsettled pattern heading into this weekend. it looks like this unsettled period is really going to last through the weekend and into the first part of next week. maybe lingering into most of next week. tomorrow is going to be cloudy. it's going to be much cooler than where we were today.
10:49 pm
for tomorrow we're talking lower 60s. i think that's the best we're going to be able to do. and then once the rain starts, it's going to get even cooler. yes, we will have some showers tomorrow. it's still looking like that will be later on tomorrow afternoon. not so much during the morning hours or the early parts of the afternoon. i think 3:00 is pretty much the cutoff where we'll be mostly dry. after about 3:00 tomorrow things will go downhill. definitely the wettest period will be tomorrow night, though, and into the first part of sunday. sunday afternoon looks like it might dry out a little bit and then by sunday late afternoon, sunday evening some more showers come back. here's the trend on the temperatures. tomorrow only 63 degrees. then we jump up. we're a little warmer on sunday, 73. we may get a little sunshine on sunday but not much. 72 on monday and then the temperature comes right back into the 60s again on tuesday. and there's basically a chance of showers on each one of those days for the next four days. today's high temperature 73.
10:50 pm
reagan. 72 dulles. cool in some places. 48 degrees right now for frederick. there's hagerstown at 64. it kind of depends on where the clouds are and where the clouds aren't and there's a little breeze blowing in places and some places the breeze has gone almost calm. that's really dictating the temperatures. but tonight clouds will come over for everybody. it will keep the temperatures 40s and 50s area wide. 60 and holding for pittsburgh and 53 for beckly. nice for richmond and raleigh in the lower to mid-60s there. in terms of the rainfall, there is a little bit back out to the west. we're not worried about this, though, because there's enough high pressure. as this rain is coming into the high pressure, it's being gobbled up and dissipating. but very, very active down to the south and southwest tonight. this is the same storm system that's coming in our direction and it is providing a lot of severe weather. earlier i saw where they had eight reports of tornadoes already, some in missouri and
10:51 pm
down through arkansas and louisiana too. there's new storms firing up this evening in texas. nothing like that for us, though. but i think we will still have the potential for some showers and thunderstorms as that storm system arrives. again we don't worry about that tonight because it looks like it's just going to dissipate as it gets closer to us. your future cast, this is what we're talking about. tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. we're dry. there could be a spotty shower or two through the day. by 3:00 to 4:00 tomorrow, this rain comes in. the heaviest of the rain comes in overnight saturday night and then we have more rain coming in on sunday as well. so it does look like a very, very unsettled period for the weekend. temperatures coming up tomorrow a lot cooler. a lot cooler. what happened to spring tomorrow? because 63 degrees and most of the day we'll be in the 50s. back to warmer temperatures but still rain and thunderstorms on sunday. 72 onened mo. then right back down -- 72 on monday.
10:52 pm
then right back down to the 60s by tuesday and wednesday. the president and first lady think it's -- [ indiscernible ] they're spending the next few days in north carolina. on sunday the president will travel to beckly, west virginia. lespeak at a memorial service for the 20 miners killed in the recent mine explosion. president obama will have his work cut out for him. when he returns he's making his pitch for financial reforms. earlier today i spoke to fox news sunday host chris wallace about what's ahead for the administration. >> reporter: chris, good to see you. it looks like financial and fiscal responsibility seems to be the big hot topic here in washington this week. president obama went up to wall street to push back against wall street's push back against reforms. do you see any movement in that front? >> yeah, i do, brian. i think that as opposed to health care reform where the republicans saw no political down side to opposing the president's health care reform
10:53 pm
package, i think they see a considerable political price to be paid if they're seen as obstructing, cracking down on wall street, that they'll be seen as protecting the fat cats at the expense of the little guy. so they don't have a deal yet in the senate and it may come it a vote, a kind of vote on whether to proseed or whether to fill -- proceed or whether to filibuster the bill on monday afternoon. but i think over the course of the next few days, that they are going to reach an agreement, at least some robes will switch to the -- republicans will switch to the democratic side and there will be considerable republican buy- in on a package. i think regulation is just too politically attractive to people around the country. i think they'll pass it. >> reporter: you'll be talking about that this sunday? >> we'll be talking about that this sunday with a top republican in the senate mitch mcconnell but we'll also be talking about the president's debt commission. it hasn't gotten a lot of attention but is about to. this is a bipartisan panel. the president has named 18 members to try to do something
10:54 pm
about these god awful deficits and debt, trillion dollars a year going as far as the eye can see. we're going to talk exclusively to the two chairs about what they're going to do. it's going to involve some painful spending cuts and painful tax increases, but they're going to try to present something right after the election the first of december and then hopefully congress will vote on it. >> on behalf of all the please hold their feet to the fire, we'll see you this sunday, chris wallace, host of fox news sunday right here at 9:00 a.m. thank you. keep a close eye for this guy at your gym. police say he's breaking into lockers. find out where he struck and what he's taking. plus, federal employees busted for watching hours of porn on government computers. tonight the s&p ec responds to the -- tonight the sec responds to the fallout. the news edge at 11:00 is next. 
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trying to make it in the entertainment world can be a long road of peaks and valleys. former american idol contestants -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the contestants of american idol and the live-in hopefuls of "if i can dream" know it's a tough road trying to make it in hollywood. >> andrew, it's the end of the road. >> reporter: so it's nice to have friends along for the ride. idol castoff andrew garcia and katie stevens stopped by the web show for dinner and gave some advice for the struggling artists. >> the best advice i could give them is to not forget what they're working for and to just be themselves. >> how to handle the crowds, how to handle critiques and how to perform in front of the big
10:59 pm
stage and in front of millions. >> there's always the one part in it which nobody really wants to see and hear. >> reporter: why not learn how to take criticism from the very best. >> if you can survive through simon cowell, then i'm pretty sure they're set for life right now. >> reporter: house mate justin has been on idol performing with brook. he says they should take cowell's comments to heart. >> simon definitely gets it right. i think 9.9 times out of 10 i think he's always pretty much spot on. >> reporter: what is it like having the eyes of the world on you 24/7? >> i actually like it. it keeps me on my toes. people need to see the inside of what it takes to make it in hollywood. >> reporter: but it may be nothing compared to simon watching your every move. >> his criticism is the hardest. if you don't do so good, you're going to get -- you're going to get critiqued in front of millions. >> the first


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